Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dianne's Big White Oak Tree

My cousin Dianne McMahon took me to an old white oak tree out in Pittsylvania with a beatuful view of White Oak Mountain. Her mother Elsie Hardy Durham lived near the tree in the late 1940 after her marriage in 1947. Dianne and I measured the circumferance with a tape line. It was 15.2 feet. Divided by 3.14, we came up with a diameter of 4.84 feet.

This is a large and beautiful tree, but the Virginia state record for a white oak is 26 feet 0 inches for a tree in Brunswick County.

The largest known white oak was in Maryland before the tree estimated to be 400 to 450 years old fell in 2002. The diameter was 31 feet 8 inches.

Lake across the road to the west.
Old cabin far across the road from the giant tree.